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Resumes by an award-winning and published resume strategist


“One of the companies that previously rejected my application just invited me to a second round of interviews. Clearly, your resume writing skills are making a big difference.”
-Nicole S., Director of Global Supply Chain

“I was a client seven years ago, and your resume and LinkedIn work to this day is the primary reason my career has taken off since then. I was a Director of one company and am now President and CEO of another company. I still use your LinkedIn verbiage in the About section of my profile. Time tested.”
-Thomas M., President and CEO

“I did it with your help! I landed an executive sales role…paying me more than my target was!”
-B.W., Executive Sales Manager

“I received an interview with a Fortune 500 company less than 12 hours after applying for the position. Thanks again for all your help!”
-B.J., Sales Manager
“Thank you for being YOU and using the talents you have, and committing to this career path of helping others. Helen Keller had a Miracle Worker, and I guess I do too!”
-Pam R., Registered Nurse
“I had several interviews, and two job offers to choose from. Thank you for helping me have the confidence to go for a really well-paying job that I will love.”
- A.S., Sales Representative

“I’m so thankful for your awesome work. I shared my resume with a friend who is an executive recruiter, and she was really impressed with how you structured my resume and gave props to you.”
- J.C., Vice President of Growth & Strategy – Technology Services Company

“A third-round interview! Amazing the traction I am getting now. No more dead air!!!”
- D.H., Sales & Project Manager

“Seeing it now finished, it is amazing. Twenty years in the making! It has brought tears to my eyes. Who is this person…it’s me!!!!”
- T.A., Diversity Manager

“I’ve been hounded by headhunters ever since I uploaded and distributed my resume.”
- P.T., Sales & Operations Manager

“The resume is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! You did an amazing job!”
- J.C., Customer Relationship Manager

“Thank you for the beautiful Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You letter. They have exceeded my expectations!”
- K.V., Business Development Director

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful resume you created for me. I love how it is visually appealing, sells me as a professional, and hits home with all of my strengths. I have truly enjoyed working with you.”
- M.D., Teacher and Career Changer

“I’ve been very successful with my resume since I started sending it to employers and recruiters. I had my first interview within three days and am interviewing for my dream internship on Friday! More importantly, through your process I became more skilled and confident in articulating my skills and accomplishments. Thanks for all your help!”
- D.S., IT Business Analyst

“Thank you so much seems like an understatement for all the work you have done to get me ready for a new job! I will highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of your service.”
- R. E., Executive Assistant

“Within three weeks of my resume, I had multiple interviews, and a week later two offers. I cannot thank you enough for putting my resume together.”
- J.M., Brand Manager

“Deborah, you far exceeded my expectations with this resume! I did not know what to expect as I have never worked with a resume professional; but I am truly in awe of your work and ability to accurately capture my skills and accomplishments. Thank you again!!”
- S.P., Financial Analyst

“Just wanted to thank you again for the great job on the resume. Within two weeks I had four initial contacts and one in-person interview. A much higher hit rate compared to applications with my old resume.”
- T.D., Finance Director & Controller

“I’m very excited! I’m starting a new job with the (major healthcare system) Medical Practice Group. Your career coaching, resume, and resources were instrumental in my job search. Not only were your services beyond impressive, your process renewed my confidence.”
- S. R., Medical Practice Manager

“I love the resume. Helen Keller had a Miracle Worker, and I guess I do too!!”
- P.R., Health Care Administrator/Operations Manager
"Deborah, the resume you constructed for me is incredible! The individuals I showed it to at the interview stated that this is one of the best resumes they have seen. Although they had just hired someone a month prior, they wanted to interview me because of my qualifications. The resume is awesome."
- Dave Emmette, Account Executive, Ypsilanti, MI

"Deb, I had an interview today and I wanted you to know that the Vice Principal was VERY impressed with my resume. In fact, he mentioned it three times. He loved the layout and said he had never seen one like that before."
- Kathleen S. Stahlman, Teacher, Grosse Ile, MI

"I am positively delighted with the resume. Masterful work. You have helped far beyond my expectations. Hiring The Lettersmith was the wisest thing I could have done at this point in my career."
- S.C., Applications Engineer, Dearborn, MI

"In 2010, My engineering job had become a dead end. With the economy and unemployment where it was, I knew the competition was high. Although I looked at other resume companies, Deborah Schuster's qualifications dwarfed the others by a long shot. Throughout the whole process, Deborah was easy to talk with and worked with me to further tweak my resume to fully match my career target. Even after I began the process, I was able to rely on her to help out with questions. The interview preparation materials she sent were invaluable!"

"I ended up interviewing with two companies before I got a great offer from a company that had everything I was looking for. I also received offers from the first company, and from recruiters I had contacted! In the end, Deborah gave me all the tools I needed, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a job. As for her fees, the increase in my salary will more than cover her fees in less than two months...well worth the investment. Thanks again, Deborah!"
- Brian O., P.E., Ann Arbor, MI

"Deborah, I just wanted to thank you for the great resume and am happy to report that I have accepted an offer with (a major insurance carrier)! I landed 3 interviews in the last month and a half. This was one of my 'ideal' companies and am very excited to have the opportunity to work for them. I am very pleased with the results of us working together and just wanted to share my news. I will definitely recommend you to anyone else looking for a resume writer!"
-N.P., Accounting Manager, Southeast MI

"I just wanted to let you know that I got the job I wanted working with pediatric cancer kids doing counseling/school liaison work. I love it!!! And I owe a big part of it to you b/c my resume was so awesome. Thanks a million again. I gave your name to a good friend who lost his job the other day. I told him you were the best. THANKS AGAIN!!!"
- Lisa Lawrence, Teacher/School Counselor, Houston, TX

"I have just opened the draft, and am extremely excited/pleased with the high degree of visual appeal it carries. I have tears of joy in my eyes!"

"I am absolutely thrilled with the resume you created for me. I truly love it! Sincere thanks for your dedication towards the development of my resume/cover letter, as well as, for the patience and respect that you have shown towards me. This experience has been incredible as you have provided me with a resume/cover letter that will help me achieve the teaching job I have always wanted."
- Anna Kelley, Art Education Teacher

"I just wanted to give you a quick update on the job search. Within two weeks of completing the resume, I landed an interview and eventually an Account Specialist position in the pharmaceutical industry. They were looking for someone with a little more experience, but my resume was able to get my foot in the door. I just want to thank you for helping me put together such a wonderful resume."
- L.V., Pharmaceutical Account Specialist, Greater Detroit Area, MI

"I wanted to let you know that your magic landed me a job as the Regional Marketing Manager with a major insurance company. Great People. Good Move. Thank you. You do great work."
- M.S., Regional Marketing Manager, East Lansing, MI

"The resume that you developed last year got me the interview within weeks, and I obtained a job that I wanted with Delphi in just two months! The resume has had an AMAZING impact on professionals who see it. I learned to trust your judgment, especially after the response I received and the new job with the resume you developed."
- W.G., Quality Assurance Manager, Detroit, MI

"Good News! Brian just accepted an offer to be the new Factory Director for (a Fortune 500 consumer products company) in Chicago. We only got the chance to use the resume once, but that was all it took! Thank you again for all your help. You really did a nice job!"
- B.P., Formerly an Automotive Plant Manager in Detroit, MI; Now a Factory Director of a Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company, Chicago, IL

"Everything looks beautiful! I have already showed off my finished resume to my close friends and family, and everyone is so impressed. You are the best and I highly recommend you. I think you could REALLY attract clients if you show my resume before and after. WOW what a difference!"
-F.R., Sales and Customer Service Performance Manager, OH

"I seriously believe that if it wasn't for you writing my resume I would still be wandering aimlessly through the job sites. I can't express enough to people how important it is to have someone who knows what they're doing write a resume."
- Kolleen Young, Quality Systems Specialist, Toledo, OH

"The resume looks really great! I'm not only impressed with your work, I am impressed with myself! This is truly what I was hoping for: No embellishing, just truthful accounts of my accomplishments and capabilities in a creative and exciting format. Thank you so much! I can't wait to get it out there!"
- T.F., Career Change to Nonprofit, Rochester Hills, MI

"Deborah, I just wanted to thank you for composing and creating my new resume. I sent it out twice, received two calls, and was offered the job on the first interview. Couldn't have done it without you! I'll refer anyone I can in the future as I truly believe you do wonderful work."
- K.C., RN, Nurse Case Manager, Novi, MI

"Awhile back I contracted your services, and am I glad that I did! I want to thank you for my success as a Production Supervisor with (a major Big Three supplier). I have been employed there for two years thanks to you and your service. People ask me 'who did you know?' 'How did you get the interview?' 'Is there anyway I can get in?' I guess I know the real reason -- and it was you who got the door cracked open for me."
- A.F., Production Supervisor, Detroit, MI

"This is such a tremendous change from what I saw on paper for myself, and I am thrilled that you have been able to present my various areas of experience and achievements with such ethical and professional class. Your skill and expertise in resume writing are both note-worthy and commendable! I appreciate you and all you have done, Deborah."
- C.J., Organizational Development Executive, OK

"Well, your resume was a bigger success than I thought it would be. I applied for a bartender position at a Five Star Restaurant, and I was offered Assistant Director of Catering! It just goes to show that an excellent resume and a great power suit can do wonders for your career! Thanks so much for all your help and advice."
- K.S., Assistant Director of Catering, Los Angeles, CA

"This resume rocks! WOW! I can't tell you HOW MUCH I appreciate all that you have done for me."
- M.R., Educational Program Coordinator, Italy

"Deborah, I just wanted to let you know that after only one week, the new resume has already landed me an interview with a major marketing firm in Downtown Chicago. Before that, I had been trying for nearly three years to land an interview. Thank you for your help."
- J.M., Public Relations and Marketing Professional, Kalamazoo, MI

"What a difference! This job search took only five resumes and three weeks before I had three interviews scheduled. I was considered for Executive Director of a child abuse prevention organization, and I was offered a state position with excellent benefits. I was even able to negotiate for a higher salary than I was first offered! I look forward to my new venture!"
- L.W., Educator and Child Abuse Prevention, Portland, ME

"I applied for a job through Robert Half Inc. and they raved about the resume presentation! I would gladly recommend you to any one needing a resume."
- C.J., Accounting and Financial Analysis, MI

"I just glanced at the resume draft and I am speechless. It is amazing. I had very high expectations and you exceeded them. I can't wait to see the final version!"
- J.R., Automotive Program Manager, Livonia, MI

"I don't think I ever told you that I accepted a position with (company name confidential) and started at the end of July. Most everyone I sent my resume to made some comment or another about how impressive it was. No doubt it played a large role in getting me back in the work world."
- P.G., IT Systems Analyst, Detroit, MI

"I was shocked by how quickly I received phone calls from potential employers. Less than a week after mailing my first few resumes out, I had three interviews lined up. Less than two weeks later, I was offered my dream job! Thank you, Ms. Schuster, for creating such an effective resume."
- Amanda May, Banking Teller, Monroe, MI

"I have good news... Bob got a job!!!! It is the dream job he has been waiting for it has great benefits and pay. I know your resume had a lot to do with the initial interview so we would like to say thank you!!!!"
- Anita and Robert Blake, Collision Shop Manager, Wyandotte, MI

"I am truly grateful for your speed and professional knowledge in putting together my resume package. THANK YOU!"
- R.P., Banking Vice President, Gulfport, FL

"Thank you so very much for your efforts on my behalf. Your work is excellent and your approach and service orientation are wonderful."
- M.P., Human Resources Manager, Glenview, IL

"Deborah, Thank you for the great resume, the fantastic cover letter, for getting me on the web, and helping me get the interview. Roses to you, and I will recommend you any time."
-J.D., Accounting Supervisor, Detroit, MI

*Each of the comments above came from a real client. To protect client confidentiality, we have not used their full name and employer name, unless we were specifically given permission to do so.