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Resumes by an award-winning and published resume strategist


For over 20 years, Deborah Schuster has given thousands of clients a competitive advantage in the job market. Below are some of her credentials.

Deborah L. Schuster, CPRW, CGRA


Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

CPRWs are the career industry's leading experts in the development of strategic resumes. Certification is earned by passing a rigorous exam and meeting the highest standards of the resume industry. As many as 50% of resume writers fail this exam on their first attempt. Deborah was one of the first CPRWs in southeast Michigan. She served on the PARW/CC Certification Committee for eight years.


Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM)

In 2024, Deborah became one of just 37 Certified Executive Resume Masters (CERMs) in the World. Evaluated and awarded by the Career Directors International Board of Certification, Deborah’s work demonstrates an exceptional grasp of the aspirations of astute, top-tier executives. This knowledge includes use of the appropriate keywords and competencies, position responsibilities and challenges, branding strategies, metrics-based accomplishments, and effective presentation styles for executive resumes -- including Directors, VPs, SVPs EVPs, and C-suite.

“Overall, the committee was highly impressed with the quality, strategy, and presentation of your resume samples. Members highlighted the tasteful design, writing, powerful content, and superb portfolio overall. Clearly, your work demonstrates a strong understanding of effectively structuring and laying out content to tell compelling client stories.”

- Director of Certifications, Career Directors International, 2024

CERM Certification

Certified Graphic Resume Architect (CGRA)

Modern resumes are visually dynamic – embracing graphics, color, charts, and graphs. But the design must be strategic and on-brand. It should make the resume easier and faster to skim – guiding the eye and highlighting accomplishments. At the same time, it should be ATS friendly. This requires a unique combination of writing and design skills.

For the CGRA, Deborah’s work was evaluated by the Career Directors International Board of Certification. Her work demonstrates an exceptional grasp of personal branding, formatting, design, colors, and graphic elements – allowing her to clients to shine. There are only a handful CGRAs in the world, and Deborah became the first CGRA in Michigan in 2023.

Certified Graphic Resume Architect

“The certification committee unanimously passed your beautiful documents, commenting on the innovation you exhibited in writing and formatting and your solid understanding of incorporating personal branding, colors, designs, graphical elements, and more to suit a range of industries.”

– Director of Certifications, Career Directors International, 2023


Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC)
National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA)
• Career Directors International (CDI)

Member, Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches Member of Career Directors Fly Higher NRWA Logo

Published, International Award Winner

Deborah has received multiple awards, and her resumes have been published in many "Best Resumes" books.

  • 10x Winner of the International Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Awards, 2021-2023
  • Modernize Your Resume, 2nd Edition (Emerald Career Publishing, 2020)
  • Award Winner, Modern Resume, Q2, 2017 (Emerald Career Publishing)
  • Gallery of Best Resumes, Second Edition (JIST)
  • Expert Resumes for Teachers and Educators (JIST)
  • Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs (JIST)
  • Professional Resumes for Executives, Managers, and Other Administrators (JIST)  
  • Resume Winners from the Pros (Impact)
  • America's Top Resumes for America's Top Jobs (JIST)
  • 101 Best Resumes (McGraw Hill)
  • 101 Best Cover Letters (McGraw Hill)
  • Gallery of Best Resumes for Two-Year Degree Graduates (JIST)
Clusters of Books Modern Resume Award Winner Modernize Your Resume

TORI Best Classic New Graduate Resume 2023 First Place Award

TORI Best Classic Executive Resume 2023 2nd Place Award

TORI Best Classic High Tech Resume 2023 2nd Place Award

Best Executive Resume 2023 Nominee

2022 1st Place Best Sales Resume

2022 Nominee Best Executive Resume

2022 Nominee Best New Graduate Resume

Best New Grad Resume 2nd Place

Best Healthcare Med Resume 1st Place


Deborah has been quoted as a resume and job search expert in:

MSN CareerBuilder - "How to know if you have enough experience for a job." October 3, 2011
The Detroit News (Detroit, Michigan)
The Monroe Evening News (Monroe, Michigan)
CNN Money.com - "A job seeker is hired in Michigan's burgeoning film industry." October 19, 2009
PARW Spotlight Newsletter
Resume Writers' Digest

Deborah's Resumes Used as Microsoft Templates

Two of Deborah's resumes were selected as Microsoft templates and are published on the Microsoft web site. While we don't advocate the use of resume templates, we are proud that Deborah's resumes were selected and received a "four-star" rating from thousands of users. Microsoft has greatly simplified the original design of these resumes, which were originally published in 101 Best Resumes.

Industry Experience

Deborah has worked with clients at all levels in a wide variety of fields, including executive, automotive, management, professional, sales, technical, engineering, medical, and education. She knows what employers are looking for and knows the important keywords, power words, and buzzwords for your industry.

Public Speaking

Deborah has presented numerous resume workshops and seminars to local colleges, universities, and community groups in southeast Michigan.