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Resumes by an award-winning and published resume strategist


Land the job you've always wanted with help from The Lettersmith. Whether you need a professionally written resume, an engaging cover letter, or a LinkedIn profile, we can assist you. We have the expertise necessary to help you outshine the competition. Entrust us to provide confidential career services when you contact us for a free evaluation.

Resume Writing

Our Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) is among the most qualified in North America. Through an in-depth phone consultation process, she will develop a resume strategy and format just for you and write a resume that will showcase your strengths and accomplishments. The result? You'll secure a position faster and at the salary you deserve.

LinkedIn Profile writing

A LinkedIn profile is an essential part of your job search. Surveys show that most employers and recruiters are looking for talent on LinkedIn before they go to job boards. LinkedIn is now the #1 tool that recruiters use to publish jobs and research candidates.

Like your resume, your LinkedIn profile needs to be well-written, and it needs to include all of the essential keywords to help the hiring agents find you. But you shouldn't simply paste your resume into LinkedIn. The writing style for social media is different than the style for a resume. It is less formal and more lively - with less "corporate speak". We can help by writing or rewriting your LinkedIn Profile.

Deborah L. Schuster, CPRW, CGRA

Cover Letters

Resumes without cover letters are not taken seriously. Studies show that 80% of employers prefer to receive a cover letter with the resume, and 30% will actually toss resumes sent without one. A cover letter is not just "wrapping" for your resume. It's an important career document that may determine whether your resume is read at all.

Modern cover letters are brief eNotes that can be emailed electronically. They need to include all of the impact of the traditional cover letter -- but in half the words. We can write letters specifically for:

• Unadvertised Opportunities (Cold Call or Broadcast Cover Letters)
• Advertised Positions
• Custom Cover Letters (to target that special opportunity) • Recruiters
• Networking

Interview Follow-Up/Thank You Letters

Always send a thank you letter within three days of the interview. Sending a thank you letter is a small, but essential courtesy. It's also a marketing document, just like the resume and cover letter. A good thank you letter does more than just thank the person for the interview. It also reminds them of who you are and what you can do for their company and reiterates your interest in the position.

We can create a model thank you letter that you can customize for the company. Or you can call and ask us to create the letter from scratch.

Essential Electronic Resume Formats

Most job seekers need several versions of their resume. We can convert your resume into the formats you may need, including:

Typing On Computer

Microsoft Word Presentation Resume for Emailing and Printing: Included with all resume packages, this is the document you will use most often. It's the format preferred by most employers and recruiters. Use it when emailing to hiring agents or individual contacts, networking, and printing for job fairs and in-person interviews.

ATS Compatible/Scannable Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems and Internet Forms: This resume is compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), so that no formatting gets in the way of a keyword search. In this version, we will remove any formatting that may confuse the system, while retaining just enough to be pleasing to the eye. In addition, the ATS resume is usually a smaller file, which is compatible with job board requirements. Use it when applying for jobs online, uploading to job boards, submitting a resume to Human Resources, or pasting into online forms.

Reference Sheets and Salary History

Should I include references or salary history with my resume? Did you know that a salary history can work against you if you don't use the right strategy? Yet many companies insist that you include a salary history with your resume. We can help with that.

Gift Certificates

Here's a great idea for a new graduate or a friend or family member who is going through a career transition - a gift certificate for resume development. It is available for any amount or for a full package. The certificate is printed on parchment paper and is enclosed in a beautiful green and gold embossed folder.